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[Hot Event] When Ston Robot enters the vision of international technology enterprises

Time: 2023-11-18  /   View: 450 times

Hot events of Ston Robot this week
On November 17th, Jeffery Shi, Vice President of Asia Pacific Technology, Amaury Camus, Technical Director, and York Zhou, Technical Director of Desa (Changzhou) Machinery Co., Ltd., visited Ston Robot for a friendly visit and exchange.

Mr. Liu Jinshi, founder and chief engineer of Ston Robot, personally received the Disha team who came to visit and exchange ideas, and had in-depth discussions on the topic of industrial automation. Subsequently, the overseas business unit of Ston Robot led a visiting team to conduct on-site factory visits.

During the visit, the Di Sha team was impressed by the innovative space logistics robot technology of Ston Robot for sorting goods in the air, and discussed various technologies with Ston Robot staff. They expressed strong interest in overseas cooperation with Ston Robot.

Through this exchange and visit event, We also feel how correct it is to strive to adhere to the business philosophy of "upholding integrity and innovation", actively adhere to the R&D policy of 100% originality and 100% localization! Because Ston Robot's scientific research technology has gradually been recognized and paid attention to by international technology enterprises! We will adhere to our business philosophy, attach importance to the cultivation of R&D talents and the continuous iteration and innovation of R&D technology, and lay a solid foundation for our future entry into the international stage!