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Ston Robot Hotspot Event | Jointly Witnessing China's Innovative Technology Creating More Miracles

Time: 2023-12-02  /   View: 434 times

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November 27, 2023

On November 27th, Mr. Wu Hong, the General Manager of Gu High tech, accompanied by Mr. Tian Shaohua, the Managing Director of Guangdong Kejie Technology Co., Ltd., and his team, visited Ston Robot for a friendly visit and exchange.

Liu Jinshi, the founder and chief engineer of Ston Robot, and Hu Wenqing, the general manager of Ston Robot, personally received the teams from Gugao and Kejie who came to visit and exchange ideas, and had in-depth discussions on topics such as industrial automation and high-power industrial control systems. And led the visiting team to conduct a field visit to the factory, providing a detailed introduction throughout the process.

During the visit, the visiting team exchanged ideas on the innovative space logistics robots T800 and T800MINI of Jinshi Robotics for sorting goods in the air. They also extended and discussed various technologies with Liu Jinshixian and Hu Wenqingsheng during the visit, expressing recognition and admiration for Jinshi's ability to implement innovative concepts in the field of logistics through research and development practice.

Subsequently, Mr. Liu Jinshi and Mr. Hu Wenqing specially visited Jinshi's servo high-power industrial control system - the "cabinet free control system", discussing the eight advantages of the "cabinet free control system":

1. No need for manual wiring

2. No need for manual debugging

3. No need for an electrical engineer

4. Do not manually program

5. IP67 waterproof support for outdoor harsh environments

6. 5-minute quick recovery capability

7. Gigabit peer-to-peer ring network

8. Unified appearance size for convenient layout

We provided a detailed introduction and watched its detailed configuration on site, delving into the topic of how our Ston Robot is applied to practical industrial products. Mr. Wu Hong from Gu High Tech also provided a detailed analysis and explanation of the industrial control system technology and application principles in cooperation with Ston Robot.

Through this exchange and visit, we have also felt that domestically produced high-power control systems have been increasingly valued by top domestic industrial manufacturing enterprises. In the context of experiencing international economic and trade sanctions and China proposing multiple policies to support the development of domestic industrial technology, people have gradually emerged from the haze dominated by foreign Siemens and ABB industrial systems, and are more willing to accept and believe in excellent domestic technology crystals.

May we live in an era of increasingly advanced technology in the great motherland,

To witness China's innovative technology creating more miracles together!