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The core technical team has 18 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of truss robots with experience in building unmanned factories, leading the industry in China. As a first-tier supplier of General Motors, it led the performance in the field of automotive powertrain machining automation. It developed China's first tonnage-level roller guide truss robot, first automatic production line for heavy truck crankshafts, first automatic production line for heavy truck pistons, first train axle production line, first fully automatic co- production line for the cylinder block and head, first automatic production line of cover-line production, first powertrain pallet sorting station line-side logistics, first fully automatic production line for brake caliper, first automatic crankshaft production workshop, first whole logistics factory for brake caliper production line, the world's first unmanned factory with wind power speed increaser, China's first domestic "black light factory" and first aerial sorting intelligent warehouse, etc.

Core Technologies

STON Robot has independently developed the roller guide technology for the truss robot, the patching process of the super long beam and guide rail, large-span beam manufacturing technology, thermal compensation technology for the truss robot, the integrated driving and control chip technology, and the truss robot language system programmed in Chinese. It is the first domestic manufacturer to use wheel guides and drive-control integration technology on truss robots. STON Robot with large technical reserves has mastered multiple new technologies, 114 patents, including 37 invention patents and 77 utility model patents, and 10 software copyrights under the premise of safeguarding the existing technical advantages.

Technical Highlights of STON Truss Robot

STON Robot has developed a high-rigidity truss robot structure which is designed with the high-rigidity kinematic pair of the three-sided roller slider-rail pair, a heavy-duty beam structure, and a whole-body cast. And a truss robot with a large carrying capacity, high speed and high precision is manufactured with the thermal compensation adopted in the bearing steel structure.

Highlight 1: Roller guide technology, being maintenance-free for 20 years

Technical background:
The required applications are the ship's artillery conveying track and the nuclear reactor refueling device, requiring high stability and high precision.

Technical difficulties:
Heat treatment technology

Technical features:
It does not need maintenance for 20 years.

↓ STON Robot is capable of manufacturing guide rails and beams with high precision.

Highlight 2: Super long rail joining process, with the longest joint of more than 200 meters

STON Robot has patented technology and equipment for beam rail joining.

Patented technology:
"Installation method of large beam"
"Adjustment device for installing truss-type manipulator guide rails"
"Tooling for saddle rail leveling"

↓ STON Robot is capable of manufacturing guide rails and beams with high precision.

↓ Quality control measurement equipment, Germany- imported CMM (coordinate measuring machine)

Quality control measurement equipment, Sweden- imported laser collimator with the accuracy of 0.001mm

  • ↓ Laser collimator inspection

  • ↓ Accuracy comparison of beam assemblies between STON and foreign companies

Highlight 3: Monocblock casting with high rigidity

  • Other manufacturers Assembled monolithic pallet
    Assembled monolithic pallet
  • STON Robot Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
    Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
  • Other manufacturers Assembled monolithic pallet
    Assembled monolithic pallet
  • STON Robot Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
    Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
  • Other manufacturers Assembled monolithic pallet
    Assembled monolithic pallet
    The rigidity of the single-piece aluminum pallet is weak. In particular, if the aluminum parts are assembled with steel bolts, a problem of loosening due to long-time vibration will be caused. In that case, the high rigidity of the connection cannot be guaranteed. Meanwhile, the position of the center of gravity will be leaned forward, resulting in partial weight, and reduced anti-deformation ability since the single-piece side hanging structure is far from the force-bearing position of the guide rail. This structure is for cost reduction.
  • STON Robot Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
    Monoblock cast C-shaped pallet
    Ston is manufactured with the integral casting structure, featuring high rigidity. The structure is not loosened upon long-time operation for it has no connecting joint. Cast aluminum within 300kg load and cast steel with a load of more than 300kg. A C-shaped structure is adopted as the integral structure for it is casted. And the back rack is driven to keep the center of gravity in the vertical position of the beam guide. Thus, the force is balanced with stable operation.

Highlight 4: Temperature compensation technology of truss robot

Temperature gradient change data is obtained through the measuring mechanism installed on both sides of the beam. And the positioning accuracy compensation is realized by the temperature compensation system according to the length of the beam, the temperature gradient, and the feeding accuracy.

Highlight 5: Double protection function of truss robot

All safety signals are connected to the safety PLC with double loops according to the European electrical design standards that are applied in the automotive industry. The double loop has safety monitoring problems. Thus, the safety loop should be monitored in real time. The manipulator is also equipped with hard protection. Anti-collision elastic blocks are set at the extreme positions of the X and Z axes to prevent serious damage from the manipulator parts even if a collision occurs after the soft limit fails.

Highlight 6: Drag Chain Cable Disconnecting Device

  • Other manufacturers Drag chain cable disconnecting device
    Disconnection of the drag chain is not supported. All cables entering the power cabinet must be removed during maintenance, leading to a heavy maintenance workload.
  • STON Robot Drag chain cable disconnecting device
    The drag chain cable disconnecting device can be disassembled separately since the drag chain cable and the fixed cable entering the control cabinet are plug-ins. When the service life of the flexible cable expires, it just needs to replace the drag chain and flexible cable. Plug in with the fixed cable. It is no need to replace the entire cables, cables of mobile terminals such as electric cabinets, motors, and sensors, and tedious wiring.

Highlight 7: Ground Maintenance Design for Lubricating Oil Pump

  • Other manufacturers
    As the lubrication system is installed on the pallet, climbing high operation is required, that is, professional maintenance personnel shall climb on the truss for maintenance, leading to inconvenient maintenance and potential risks of work-related injuries.
  • STON Robot
    The high-pressure oil pump method is adopted in the ground maintenance method of the lubrication system (LIEBHERR standard). To be specific, the lubricating medium is driven into the truss lubrication point through the high-pressure oil pipe. The lubrication maintaining point is set at the column on the ground, so that maintenance can be done manually. By comparison, traditional lubrication should be maintained with climbing high operation for it requires oil injection at the truss pallet.

Highlight 8: Aluminum Profile Drag Chain Raceway

  • Other manufacturers Comparison of Drag Chain Raceway
    The sheet metal duct is easy to resonate with weak rigidity. When the drag chain is running at high speed, it is rubbed against the side of the sheet metal, causing high noise and unstable operation.
  • STON Robot Comparison of Drag Chain Raceway
    And the aluminum profile drag chain duct adopted by STON has a box-type structure, high rigidity, and no resonance, which can be installed with wear-resistant strip accessories and is conducive to the high-speed operation of the drag chain. More than that, the service life of the drag chain can be enhanced. And the shock-absorbing strip at the bottom can reduce noise.