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Ston Robot | Transforming Children's Interests into Lifetime Passionate Careers

Time: 2023-11-18  /   View: 422 times

Knowledge changes destiny, technology changes the future

On November 17th, the Red Scarf Team of the 6th Squadron of Xinghe Experimental Primary School in Changzhou visited Ston Robot Changzhou Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Teacher Jiang and Teacher Shen.

At the event, Cai Jia, the "Grass Head Brother" from the Fujian Taiwan branch of Ston Robotics, introduced and explained the differences between the space logistics robots manufactured by Ston and the robots in the children's concept. This instilled in children the concept of "knowledge changing destiny, technology changing the future". The children's faces were filled with a strong desire for knowledge, and they actively and multi-directionally engaged in Q&A interactions with "Grass Head Brother", fully demonstrating the charm of robots in children's hearts.

The Ston Robot Integrated Media Department specially edited a video of industrial robots for children. By comparing the robots seen by children on TV, they were asked to distinguish the differences between industrial robots and robots in movies. It also made children realize the importance of using industrial robots to change production lines and optimize workflow.

After watching the video, led by Qiao Zhiying, the production director of Ston Robot, and Jiao Chenyang, the head of the machining safety department, the children visited the manufacturing workshop of the space logistics robot, explored the construction process of the robot on site, and carefully explained each production process and manufacturing principle throughout the process. And targeted at the on-site operation of the machine - T800MINI, children were educated on the operation logic, experiencing the efficient and convenient storage brought by the space logistics robot for the production line edge. The children also raised various questions during the visit, such as: "How much labor can be saved, how much cost can be saved, and how much efficiency can be increased by using this robot for the factory..." After answering each question, Qiao Zhiying, the Minister of Production, couldn't help but exclaim, "The future is promising.".

Qian Boxuan, Zhang Yurun, and Hu Chenxu, members of the Panda Protection Association, the new generation of Ston Robotics, personally led the children to operate and send instructions, providing easy to understand explanations throughout the process, allowing them to quickly understand the entire operation process of space logistics robots from receiving instructions to completing tasks, providing them with a vivid course from theory to practice.

After visiting the factory, the children returned to the conference room to enjoy an afternoon tea break and enthusiastically discussed what they had seen and heard during the visit. During this period, the staff of Ston Robot also had a quiz interaction with the children, and the scene was filled with a joyful learning atmosphere!

Finally, the children and teachers also took a group photo at Ston Robot to commemorate the "wonderful journey" of visiting Ston Robot!

Mr. Liu Jinshi, founder of Ston Robotics - Jinshi is committed to cultivating professional scientific and technological talents for the country and society. Therefore, student groups are particularly welcome to visit Ston. I hope to develop my interest in robots from a young age into a high-tech talent who loves scientific research in the future!

"Make interests a lifelong passion for a career"