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Shanhe Intelligent Cutting Line Intelligent Traveling Crane Project

Shanhe intelligent plate intelligent blanking line
Focusing on the equipment manufacturing industry, Shanhe Intelligent has continuously launched products with world influence through developing comprehensively in the fields of engineering equipment, special equipment and aviation equipment. The company is one of the leading underground engineering equipment companies in China, the top 50 construction machinery manufacturers in the world, and the top 3 regional aircraft leasing companies in the world.

Control system solution:
The high-power servo control system for cranes using Jinshi Robot - a cabinetless control system, all drive components are driven by servo motors, the maximum servo shaft motor is 28kw, the total installed power is 200kw, and it adopts gigabit and other ring network links, and adopts self-organization with the ground. Network wireless communication technology, the control adopts Jinshi's FLY800 main control system.

1. Millimeter-level accuracy, with a ten-ton load
The high-power driver was developed independently to meet the efficient and stable operation of ten-ton loads through enhancing the motion accuracy of the whole machine via the drive and control of the full servo motor.

2. Intelligent docking, data synchronization
The self-developed intelligent scheduling and sorting system of Jinshi Robot can connect to the existing ERP system seamlessly, achieving data synchronization and real-time interconnection.

3. Multi-machine interconnection, intelligent management
The whole production line is operated by the aerial sorting robot through the hardware and software platform to communicate with various devices in the production line to realize the intelligent management of the whole production line.