Space logistics robot

Space logistics robot


The T series space robots integrate technologies from the crane industry, forklift industry, truss robot industry, CNC machine tool industry, servo controller industry, and software industry. With a dimensionality reduction approach, advanced technologies are packaged to make highly complex industrial robot systems into standard products that are as simple and easy to use as household appliances. The advantages of T800-MINI concentrated T800 are specifically designed for low rise factories, with small investment and fast returns.

● Maximum load: 3t
● Maximum span: 15m
● Arm stroke: 1.8-4.5m
● Walking distance: 200m
● Factory height: 3-8m

3-8-meter-high factory buildings are available
Specially designed for low rise factories, 3-8 meter high factories can be used.

No need for track beams, directly install on the ground
By adopting the ground rail installation method, there is no need for factory renovation, and the investment is small and the return is fast.

Dual use of one library, doubling its value
By utilizing the advantages of air sorting, the utilization rate of warehouse space can be greatly improved. Divide the warehouse into two parts, use the edge warehouse for storage, and use the processing and manufacturing area for production, with unchanged costs and doubled value.

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