Space logistics robot

Space logistics robot
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A fertilizer company in Henan

The customer's product inventory is large, and the warehouse occupies an area, which is a pain point that the customer urgently needs to solve. Through the implementation of the air sorting intelligent library, comprehensive digital management has been achieved, improving production efficiency and high-density stacking.

● Maximum load: 5T
● X-axis movement speed: 200m/min
● Y-axis movement speed: 90m/min
● Z-axis movement speed: 30m/min
● Repetitive positioning accuracy: ± 5mm

The fastest delivery time is one month
The installation of space logistics robots is simple, and they can be quickly installed and powered on in a centralized manner; The software features are highly standardized, and there are no installation items in the storage area, which can be improved while online.

2x increase in inbound efficiency and 10x increase in outbound efficiency
Combining the intelligent scheduling and sorting system independently developed by Jinshi Robotics, it does not require manual searching and can achieve quick entry and exit of products of various specifications according to orders.

2x increase in storage capacity
The air sorting intelligent library has low requirements for the factory building and flexible land occupation. Through high-precision stacking, the cancellation of re transportation channels, and increasing storage height, the storage capacity is doubled

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