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A certain component company

The mechanical processing production line equipment of a certain component company includes a workpiece transfer and automatic loading and unloading system, a workpiece cleaning and debris centralized processing device, and a three-dimensional storage warehouse system for parts. The three-dimensional storage warehouse for parts is mainly used for storing raw workpieces before processing and finished parts after processing. The material for storing workpieces is AISI304L stainless steel, with 7 types of parts.

● Types of goods: 7 types
● Stacking layers: 16 layers
● Horizontal running speed: 0-120m/min, adjustable speed
● Vertical lifting speed: 0-30m/min, adjustable speed
● Fork telescopic speed: 0-20m/min, adjustable speed
● Maximum lifting weight: ≥ 500kg

The fastest delivery time is 2 months
Traditional three-dimensional warehouses require a delivery time of 6-10 months. Jinshi has independently developed a drive control integrated containerless control system, which greatly shortens the delivery time.

Increase storage capacity by 20%
The traditional stacker crane has 9 layers, and Jinshi is driven by gears and racks. It has a servo motor without steel wire ropes and can stack up to 11 layers.

Ultra high factory building with heavy load capacity
Up to 40 meters, with a maximum load of 10 tons

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