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A certain intelligent company in Shanghai

The customer's requirement is to manufacture an automated production line for processing engine cylinder heads and transmission valve bodies. Jinshi's products are applied to the automatic loading and unloading system of CNC machine tools and auxiliary machines. With a full understanding of the machining actions of CNC machine tools and auxiliary machines, as well as the operation actions of the truss manipulator, the integration of logistics lines, communication routing, and safety protection can be completed, fully meeting the requirements of the automatic loading and unloading system.

● Stacking layer: 13 layers
● Production program: 300 working days per year, 22.5 hours per day, equipment start-up rate of 85%
● Beat: ≤ 688s/piece
● Grab weight: ≤ 30Kg

The fastest delivery time is 2 months
Traditional three-dimensional warehouses require a delivery time of 6-10 months. Jinshi has independently developed a drive control integrated containerless control system, which greatly shortens the delivery time.

Increase storage capacity by 20%
The traditional stacker crane has 9 layers, and Jinshi is driven by gears and racks. It has a servo motor without steel wire ropes and can stack up to 11 layers.

Energy saving of 40%
The Glink II industrial bus technology, which adopts independent technology, achieves a data exchange rate of milliseconds.
Due to the fast data exchange speed, the overall speed of the line is increased by more than 30% compared to traditional control methods, and the safety and reliability are also doubled.

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