Servo Stacker Crane

Servo Stacker Crane

A factory in Jiangsu

In order to improve the intelligence and informatization level of the factory, enhance the efficiency of material transportation, and meet the effective storage of materials, an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is specially configured in the factory building. The overall design of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is closely integrated with the characteristics of the warehouse business, meeting the requirements of storage capacity and operational capabilities. The system integrates technologies such as computer control, network, data communication, and automatic identification of material information, achieving mechanization and automation of receiving and sending operations, digitalization of warehouse management, three-dimensional storage units, networked information transmission, and visualization of security monitoring.

● Storage space: 1430 units
● Stacking layer: 11 layers
● Load capacity: The rated load capacity of the large-sized warehouse stacker crane is ≥ 1000kg
     Rated load capacity of small-sized warehouse stacker crane ≥ 500kg
● Operating accuracy: horizontal walking error ± 5mm
       Vertical lifting accuracy ± 5mm
       Fork operation accuracy ± 3mm

The fastest delivery time is 2 months
Traditional three-dimensional warehouses require a delivery time of 6-10 months. Jinshi has independently developed a drive control integrated containerless control system, which greatly shortens the delivery time.

Increase storage capacity by 20%
The traditional stacker crane has 9 layers, and Jinshi is driven by gears and racks. It has a servo motor without steel wire ropes and can stack up to 11 layers.

Cabinet free control system
Concentrate the bulky electrical cabinet into a chip, without wiring, programming, or operation

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