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A brake disc production company in Shandong

The customer upgraded and transformed their existing semi-finished goods warehouse into an efficient servo stacker crane automated warehouse, enabling data-driven and intelligent management of the entire process of material storage and retrieval. Leveraging its own product advantages and industry experience, Jinshi Robotics integrated its hardware strengths and software technological capabilities to design a complete solution for the automated warehouse.

● Storage capacity: 6500
● Tray type: 1
● Tray size: 1050 * 1050 * 665
● Stacking layer: 11 layers
● Single cycle average: 1.5 minutes
● Average weight per pallet: 1.5t

The fastest delivery time is 2 months
Traditional three-dimensional warehouses require a delivery time of 6-10 months. Jinshi has independently developed a drive control integrated containerless control system, which greatly shortens the delivery time.

Increase storage capacity by 20%
The traditional stacker crane has 9 layers, and Jinshi is driven by gears and racks. It has a servo motor without steel wire ropes and can stack up to 11 layers.

Energy saving of 40%
The Glink II industrial bus technology, which adopts independent technology, achieves a data exchange rate of milliseconds.
Due to the fast data exchange speed, the overall speed of the line is increased by more than 30% compared to traditional control methods, and the safety and reliability are also doubled.

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