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Celebration of the successful conclusion of the 2024 Ston Robot channel partnership recruitment conference!

Time: 2023-12-27  /   View: 1,527 times

On the morning of December 23rd, Ston Robot Changzhou Co., Ltd. held the "2024 Ston Robot Channel Partnership Recruitment Conference".

Nearly a hundred participants attended the conference, including representatives of high-quality integrators and warehouse storage solution suppliers from all over the country who are interested in Ston Robot.

During the conference, potential distributor partners engaged in in-depth discussions about Ston Robot's innovative spatial logistics robot technology. They explored various technologies with the leaders of Ston's South China, Central China, Minnan-Taiwan, Overseas, and North China branches during the visit. The attendees expressed their recognition and admiration for Ston's innovative concepts and practical applications in the field of large-scale logistics. The majority of them signed the "2024 Distributor Agreement" with Ston and received distributor authorization certificates issued by Ston Robot.

Subsequently, a site visit to Ston Robot was conducted.

During the visit, the China Industry News and CCTV's Credit China program team conducted interviews with Ston Robot's general manager Hu Wenqing on its operations. They also conducted user experience interviews with Yang Xiaogang, the head of NBI Kronos Enterprises, Ston's first spatial logistics robot user, and cooperative evaluation interviews with Fan Yan, the chairman of Xi'an Huaou Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, Ston's parts supplier.

User Experience Interview with NBI Kronos Bearing

Interview with Ston Robot General Manager Hu Wenqing on Operations

Cooperative Evaluation Interview with Fan Yan, Chairman of Xi'an Huaou Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

In the early stages of the conference, Ms. Qian Shaofang, Chairwoman of Ston Robot, Mr. Liu Jinshi, Chief Engineer, and Mr. Hu Wenqing, General Manager, had in-depth technical discussions and collaborative discussions with Lv Shu, an expert in the field of industrial automation control at Googol Technology. They made preparations for how to create product value and increase market share in 2024.

Through this conference, we hope that with the joint efforts of Ston and our distributors, we can widely promote the 100% original and domestically produced SLR spatial logistics robots nationwide! Let's make outstanding contributions to China's large-scale logistics industry!