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Today marks the beginning of winter, and the cold is approaching. Ston hopes that you will love yourself more and welcome a warm winter.

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Autumn is over, and winter is approaching

Matthew Li

Lidong represents the beginning of winter and is one of the seasonal nodes that Chinese people attach great importance to. Spring plowing and summer cultivation, autumn harvest and winter storage, and winter is the season for enjoying abundant harvests and recuperating.

The memories of early winter and late spring, one towards yin and one towards yang;

Late spring gradually warms up, while early winter breeds a chill.

The sunshine will gradually shorten, the night will gradually lengthen, and the earth will be frozen.

The poem "On the Beginning of Winter" by Lu You goes:

The room is small and the wealth is spacious, and the wall is low and only reaches the shoulders.

Fang Guo was given the month of clothing, and then met Shi Qiu Tian.

Cun Ji bonfire charcoal, Zhu called cloth quilt cotton.

Throughout my life, I have lived in humble alleys, filled with joy everywhere.

The poem "Beginning of Winter" by Zuohe River goes:

The north wind blows back and forth, causing a few chills. The sparse trees sway in the air, half green and yellow.

Build embankments in the four fields to prevent droughts and floods, and store sun dried items for thousands of households.

The so-called early winter is generally not too cold, but the cold wind can reach the bone.

Therefore, the beginning of winter signifies the beginning of winter, with all things avoiding the cold, food entering the warehouse, vegetables entering the cellar, and animals sleeping.

Autumn has passed and winter has arrived, and the dream night is long.

In a moment, water begins to freeze.

The water surface has initially solidified, but has not yet reached a firm point.

In the second season, the ground began to freeze. The soil is too cold to be dismantled.

Five days after the beginning of winter, the land condenses cold air, but it has not yet cracked.

In the third season, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage.

After the beginning of winter, birds are less common, but big clams can be seen by the seaside. So ancient people believed that pheasants turned into big clams after the beginning of winter, and this mirage was formed by the big clams exhaling their breath.

| Customs of Beginning of Winter |

The beginning of winter is the time for harvest ceremonies and harvest banquets, as well as the season when the chill gradually deepens. There are customs and activities such as "October New Year", "Qin Suishou", "Cold Clothes Festival", and "Harvest Festival".

Winter is a big day, and northerners eat dumplings to express their inner joy.

In the south, there is a custom of starting winter to make up for winter. People will eat meat that nourishes yin and yang, has higher calories, and some will also be cooked together with traditional Chinese medicine to increase the effectiveness of medicinal supplements.

Warm neck: Winter is the season with a high incidence of cervical spondylosis, so after the beginning of winter, try to wear tight clothing, hats, scarves, to avoid blood vessels getting cold and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Warm stomach: In the morning, you can drink some Congee, such as jujube Congee and poria Congee, which can replenish qi and blood. Having a warm stomach all day is more beneficial for keeping warm and preventing colds.

Warm feet: Cold arises from the feet. After the beginning of winter, before going to bed, stick to soaking your feet in warm water to improve blood circulation. Warm waist: The kidney governs winter and likes to warm and aversion to cold, so it is important to keep the waist warm. You can massage the waist and eyes more to ensure smooth circulation of qi and blood.

The cold is approaching, and Jinshi hopes that you will love yourself more and welcome a warm winter.