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Honors & Qualifications

  • National high-tech enterprise, set of equipment in Jiangsu
  • Provincial Industrial Truss Robot Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Provincial Small and Medium Technology Enterprises, Provincial Private Technology Enterprises
  • Provincial Pilot Enterprise of Integrating Industrialization and Information, Provincial Technological Achievements Transformation Enterprise, Provincial Key Area Quality Research Enterprise
  • Recognized as high-tech products and specialized, refined, characteristic, and innovative products in Jiangsu Province
  • Provincial Industrial Transformation and Upgrading New Technology and New Product Promotion Project
  • Passed the provincial technological achievements appraisal: leading nationwide, being advanced worldwide
  • Key industrial robot enterprise cultivated by the Jiangsu government and a vice-chairman unit of the Provincial Industrial Robot Professional Committee.
  • Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute - A Director Unit of Intelligent Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Center
  • 7th China's Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Enterprises
  • Changzhou Leading Talent Entrepreneurship Key Enterprise
  • High-innovation Enterprise
  • Technology-based Listed Cultivation Enterprise
  • Three-in-one Supporting Enterprises
  • Constitutor of National Standards for Truss Robots
  • Exclusive partner of Liebherr Germany for the Automatic System Integration in China
  • Tonnage-class (China) roller guide truss robot
  • Fully automatic production line for heavy truck crankshafts
  • Fully automatic production line for heavy truck pistons
  • 4-tonnage heavy-duty truss robot
  • Production line for train axle
  • Fully automatic co- production line for cylinder block and head
  • Flexible production line with automatic clamp change
  • Fully automatic production line for brake caliper
  • Roughing and finishing production line for heavy-duty diesel engine cylinder block
  • Automatic crankshaft production workshop
  • Unmanned factory for brake discs
  • Unmanned forklift for replacing machine tool fixtures
  • Flexible production line for buffer crankshaft of stacker
  • Intelligent black light factory laid a solid foundation for the construction of unmanned factories
  • Unmanned speed increasing gearbox factory
  • Aerial sorting intelligent warehouse

Constitutor of national standards 《GB/T37415-2019》

  • + items
    All kinds of patents
  • + km
    Cumulative length of truss
  • Kg
    Max. load
  • m/s
    Max. speed
  • + line
    completed production line

International cooperation

  • 与德国利勃海尔家族谈合作事宜
    Discussed cooperation with the Liebherr Germany
  • 与德国利勃海尔家族谈合作事宜
    Discussed cooperation with the Liebherr Germany
  • 技术方案交流
    Exchange of Technical Solutions
  • 2017年4月19日在CIMT2017北京国际机床展上,金石携手德国利勃海尔,AAT,Locanics,Soflex,意大利Rotomors等五家欧洲自动化公司举行“无人工厂国际化解决方案”启动仪式
    On April 19, 2017, STON held the launching ceremony of "International Solutions for Unmanned Factory" in cooperation with five European automation companies, including Liebherr, AAT, Locanics, Soflex, and Rotomors Italy at the CIMT2017 Beijing International Machine Tool Exhibition.

Development History

  • September-Founded in Hangzhou

    November-STON Robot has developed a heavy-duty roller guide and slider system for truss robots.

  • January-Developed China's first tonnage heavy truss manipulator

    December-Independently developed China's first production line for heavy truck crankshafts

  • July
    Won the title of Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Enterprises in China
    Certified as National High Technology Enterprise in China

  • March-STON Robot Changzhou production base was put into service.

    April-The company was relocated to Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China; and the giant truss robot with a grasping capacity of 2 tons going off the assembly line was the first (set) major equipment in Jiangsu, China.

  • January
    Passed the provincial technological achievements appraisal: leading nationwide, being advanced worldwide

  • January-Awarded as China's best robot brand

    July-Transformation project approved for Jiangsu technological achievements

  • September
    New three board listing (STON Co., Ltd., 839127)

  • January
    Project approval for the national standard of "General technical conditions for truss robots"

  • December
    Jiangsu Gazelle Enterprise Award

  • August
    Specialized, Special, and New Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise in Jiangsu, China

  • November
    Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Leading Service Organization

  • January-Changzhou intelligent manufacturing system solutions provider;
    April-Jiangsu Quality Rating Grade A
    December-Jiangsu Specialized, New Product Enterprise, Vice Chairman Unit of Wujin Robot Industry Alliance;

  • March-AAA credit rating enterprise
    May-Two-star party branch
    June-Advanced League Branch, Changzhou Zhichang Digital Transfer Service Provider

  • Corporate Culture

    • 01.A place where dreams begin
    • 02.Cultivation of company character
    • 03.The great pass seems unconquerable
    01 A place where dreams begin
    Do not start your dream until you are old. There will always be a period in life you shall look at the starry sky.
    02 Cultivation of company character
    Excellent organizations often exist in the form of groups rather than in the form of individuals. The character and tradition of a company are determined by the founders who established them.
    03 The great pass seems unconquerable
    Despite all the hardships, but never give up, the ideal light shines in the starry sky.